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"Trouble watching or editing video because of compatibility issues like ""wrong codec""? Your troubles are over. Video Converter lets you easily convert videos, movies and TV shows to optimized preset formats to fit iPad, iPod, iPhone (iPhone 5), PSP and other devices. It also lets you convert video to and from all popular formats like AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, etc. >> Easily convert videos for use with any software or hardware media players. >> Extract audio from video, movies and TV to play on MP3 players. >> Optimized presets to fit iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, iMovie, YouTube, etc. >> Convert camcorder formats like AVCHD (MTS/M2TS), AVCHD Lite, MOD/TOD, etc." "1. Extract audio from video to MP3 for portable devices like iPad, iPhone 5, iPod, or for audio editing tools like GarageBand. 2. Crop the image to remove unwanted backdrops, black borders or emphasize a particular focal point. 3. You can trim a file into multiple segments so that you can take whatever you want for the conversion. 4. Merge several video or movie files into one so that you can enjoy a long movie without interruption. 5. Quickly rotate an image by clicking the 90° Clockwise, 90° Counterclockwise, Horizontal flip or Vertical flip buttons. 6. Resize video or tailor output settings including resolution, frame rate, bit rate for use with your specific players. 7. Capture current frame from videos, movies, or TV Shows." "1. Convert Video to Play on Apple Devices Optimized preset formats let you easily convert videos to fit your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone 5, and more. Converted video automatically appears in iTunes, ready to sync. 2. Mac Video Conversion Make Easy Convert MTS/M2TS files from AVCHD camcorders. Convert between a variety of video formats including WMV, MP4, FLV (Flash for posting online), AVI, MOV, MPG, MKV, MOD, DV and more."

"iSkySoft Video Converter"

Since you refuse to stand behind your worthless product, i have posted the following review which is an accurate depiction of nightmare i endure using your product. I will make it my mission to post this review in every available website or forum that allows me. You choose to ignore my refund request, so i feel obligated to tell everyone the truth, (it's worthless) to everyone. I doubt you have the courage or conviction to post my review, but that is the reason i will post this review elsewhere. ..... I will assure you that the cost and refusal to refund my purchase will be nothing compared to the loss of business due to my review. I will start with amazon. Every iskysoft product you have for sale, it will have the benefit of my review of your product and company.

My review, just posted!!!!

"if you are looking for software that crashes all the time, takes forever to perform an ocr and more often than not crashes. Painlessly slow to edit pdf and doc conversions are barely legible. Plus, a company that i contacted shortly after the “30 day refund” period and was denied and failed to support their worthless product. If all of this sounds good to you then this is the program for you!!!!! caveat emptor!!!! [my 5 star review is completely facetious, i doubt this review will ever be posted] true rating was zero stars!!!! pro version is not cheap; what a waste of money. I will have to search for a replacement as time too valuable to waste with this useless software! i entered my real name and email address used at purchase but i am sure that they will not post my review. Find another app that actually works and stands behind their product!! you have been forewarned."


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24 Sep 2015

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